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Town of Dale voters can check election and voter registration information on the Internet before an election using the  MY VOTE WISCONSIN WEBSITE http://www.myvote.wi.gov/ It's easy to check whether or not you are registered to vote, and where your polling place is. You simply type in your name and date of birth.

The MY VOTE WISCONSIN site provides three basic types of information:

  • Voter registration confirmation
  • Polling place information and lists of offices and officeholders for whom voters at a particular address can vote
  • Provisional ballot status for voters who have cast a provisional ballot

 Near each election, an electronic sample ballot for the municipality may also be available on the site so the voter can review the offices and officeholders who will appear on the ballot.

Voters who find information about officeholders missing in MY VOTE WISCONSIN should contact the Town Clerk at 920-779-4609.