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Beginning August 1, 2015 - Brush (and all other items) can no longer be dropped off for burning at the Town Municipal Building. Brush, yard clippings and other items that do not get picked up curbside should be taken to the Outagamie County Landfill for disposal.



Garbage is picked up weekly:

Mondays:  State Road 96 and all roads South of State Road 96, all of County Road T and all roads west of T

Tuesdays:  North of State Road 96 and East of County Road T


 Recycling is picked up every other week. 

PLEASE NOTE: Recycling and garbage collection may or may not be on the same day.

Schedule pickup of old appliances and large items with Graichen Sanitation at 982-4116. As of January 1, 2015, the town switched to garbage toters that were delivered and will be maintained by Graichen Sanitation. If you have any problems with garbage pick-up, would like a 2nd toter, or your toter needs repair,  contact Graichen Sanitation. If your problems are not resolved call the Town Clerk at 779-4609.

Residents are asked to clean up their garbage on windy days.  This keeps the Town of Dale liter free.




Recycling is picked up every other week.

PLEASE NOTE: Recycling and garbage collection may or may not be on the same day.

All recycling should be placed on the curb no later than 4:00 a.m. the day of pickup. If your recycling is not picked up please contact Inland Co. at 920-759-0501.

Recyclable paper, plastic, glass, tin and aluminum can be placed curbside mixed together in a reusable container. Reusable containers must be between 15 and 33 gallons in size with handles on the outside of them and weigh less than 50 pounds when set at the curb. Containers must be marked with an Outagamie County Recycling Sticker. Stickers can be obtained at the Town of Dale Municipal Building or Outagamie County Division of Public Works.

The Outagamie County Solid Waste Department website contains detailed information on recycling. Check it out at www.RecycleMoreOutagamie.org, or call 1-800-501-1616. You can also find information about Household Hazardous Waste Clean Sweep Program dates and schedule an appointment for drop-offs.



In conjunction with the tire recycle in April, we held the 2nd Electronic Recycle Event. In fall of 2014 over 10,000 lbs of recyclables were collected. In April 2015 we collected over 8,600 lbs of electronics. That is a lot of tons that are out of homes/businesses that did not go to a landfill.



Information on waste disposal at the Outagamie County Landfill can be found at www.RecycleMoreOutagamie.org . The Outagamie County Department of Solid Waste Landfill and Materials Recycling facility is closed on all major holidays.

OC Drug Drop - Outagamie County residents can dispose of unused and unwanted pet and human medications at two locations:  Check out www.OCdrugdrop.org for more information

Electronics are banned from landfil disposal and must be recycled.  Check out www.RecycleMoreOutagamie.org to find locations that accept electronics for recycling.

Battery Recycling - All kinds of batteries are recyclable, but not through your curbside collection.  Please check www.RecycleMoreOutagmie.org for acceptable recycle locations.

Shingle Recycling - Asphalt Shingles can be recycled.  Please check with MCC INC at 920-730-7849 or Forward Vision Enviornmental at 920-660-2802 for hours and fees.

Medical Sharps Disposal - To reduce public health risks such as accidental needle sticks, Wisconsin law requires all citizens to manage needles, lancets and syringes safely.  It is illegal to put sharps in the trash or with recyclables.  For a list of drop off locations please check www.RecycleMoreOutagamie.org

Latex Paint Recycling - Donate your old latex paint to Habitat ReStore and receive a tax-deductible receipt.  Only latex paint is accepted;  no oil or lead-based paints.  The cans must be at least 1/3 full, have not rust and must not smell like ammonia or sour milk.  For more information visit their website at www.AppletonReStore.org

Compost Bins for Sale - Outagamie County has compost bins available for purchase.  These bins can be picked up at the Department of Solid Waste Office located at 1419 Holland Road, Appleton from 7:00am to 3:30pm, Monday through Friday or 7:00am to 11:00am on Saturday.  Compost Bins are $45.00 each

**Inland Co. is contracted by Outagamie County division of Public Works

** Go to www.RecycleMoreOutagamie.org for all of your recycling and landfill questions. **