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BURNING PERMITS are no longer required.  If your campfire or yard waste gets out of control or is called in to 911 dispatch you are responsible for the expense of the fire run.





From 1880 to 1903 the Department was known as the Dale Fire Protection Association.  During that time a horse drawn fire cart was used to fight fires. The cart was kept at the fire hall. The Department had approximately 15 members. The Dale Fire and Rescue has since grown to about approximately 36 members. First Responders were approved at the Annual Meeting in 1993. 


Current members of the Department:

Chad Degal, Fire Chief

Doug Wunderlich, 1st Asst. Chief

Don Nieland, 2nd Asst. Chief

Scott Degal, Captain

Chad Ewing, Captain

Rob Hopfensperger, Lieutenant

Jeff Schulze, Lieutenant

Robert Wilkins, Lieutenant/EMS Director

Chris Tews, Lieutenant

Craig Swanson, Safety Officer/President


Ray Samson

Nick DeShaney

Zac Degal

Max Krenke

Tom Patterson

Matt Wunderlich

Mike Schilpp

Josh Abhold

Mike Furman

Joe Schinke

Jesse Zienert

Joe Halford

Jamie Gore

Mitch Steudel

Amie Jorgensen

Chris Koga

Al Hopfensperger

Cody Kalinski

Ben Grossman

Zach Hauser

Brian Christianson

Mike Much

EMS/First Responders

Vicki Lautenschlager

Luann Killoren

Coleen Yanke

Beth Schultz

Jamie Bauer


Cole Degal

Dylan Degal

Ben Wilkins

Josh Wilkins

Jake Brickhan             

2021 Dale Fire Department Raffle Winners



$4,000 -  Jim Hopfensperger

$   500 -  Randy H

$   200 -  Mike Wohlt

$   100 -  Eric DeWine

Congratulations and thank you everyone for your support!  



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