About Dale

About the Town of Dale

The Town of Dale, officially created on November 18, 1853, is located in the southwestern portion of Outagamie County. The Town has a current population of 2,731 and encompasses a land area of five by six miles (30.4 square miles) or approximately 19,456 acres.

Geographically, the Town of Dale contains an unusual amount of wetland, which amounts to approximately 42% or 8,250 acres of wetlands. The balance is made up of agricultural, residential, commercial, and light manufacturing areas, and one industrial park. The Town has two unincorporated urban areas known as Dale and Medina. The Canadian National Railroad and the Wiouwash recreation trail bisect the Town.

The Town of Dale shares a common boundary with the Town of Hortonia to the North, Town of Greenville to the East, the Town of Winchester and the Town of Clayton in Winnebago County to the South, and the Town of Caledonia in Waupaca County to the West.

Town of Dale Resident Mailing Addresses

Residents in the Town of Dale can have one of four mailing addresses.  If you have a Post Office Box at the Dale Post Office, your mailing address will be Dale, WI  54931.  The other three mailing addresses are Fremont, WI 54940, Larsen, WI  54947 or Hortonville, WI  54944.  These addresses are assigned according to the post office that services your rural delivery route.  Regardless of which mailing address you have, you are still a resident of the Town of Dale and you will vote at the Dale Municipal Building.