Dale Historical Society

Dale & Medina History Quiz

  1. Which town formed first, Dale or Medina?
  2. What was the original name of Medina?
  3. What was the original name of Dale?
  4. What was the name of the first railroad co. that ran through Dale?
  5. What was the name of the first railroad co. that ran through Medina?
  6. When did Dale become a township?  A) 1795  B) 1854 or C) 1902
  7. What building stood on the now empty corner of Hwy 96 & Depot Road?  What happened to it?
  8. The road that runs through Medina & Dale was originally known as what?
  9. What was the name of the first Dale baseball team?
  10. How many cheese factories were there in the town of Dale?  A) 1  B) 7  C) 20
  11. In what year was the Fire Dept. started?  A) 1885  B) 1903  C) 1963
  12. When was the current Dale Town Hall dedicated?
  13. What present business is in the old Town Hall & Fire Department?
  14. Where was the original "Service Motors" located?
  15. Where was the Dale Opera House located?
  16. How many cemeteries are in the Town of Dale?
  17. The Wiouwash Trail was originally used as what?
  18. Where would you have found the "White Store" & the "Red Store"?
  19. What business is now located in the the "Hotel Weiher"?
  20. What business is now located in the "Western Elevator Co."?

Dale & Medina History Quiz Answers

  1. Medina - Medina was formed in 1851
  2. Young's Corner
  3. Poker Flats
  4. Wisconsin Central Railroad first laid tracks through Dale.  They later became the Soo Line.  Presently the Canada National Railroad operates the tracks.
  5. The Milwaukee, Lakeshore & Western laid down tracks through Medina.  It was operated for many years by the Chicago, Northwestern until the tracks were pulled up.
  6. Dale became a township in 1854
  7. The First National Bank stood on the corner of Hwy 96 & Depot Road.  On September 4, 1974 the bank exploded due to a ruptured gas line.
  8. The original road that ran through Medina & Dale was known as the "Yellowstone Trail".
  9. The first baseball team in the Town of Dale was known as the "Black Hats".  They started playing in 1908.
  10. Throughout the townships history there were seven cheese factories.
  11. 1885
  12. The current town hall was dedicated on November 4, 1989.
  13. "Memories Filling Station" antique store is presently at the old town hall/fire department location.
  14. On the corner of 96 & Depot Road.  Carew golf carts is currently located in that location.  In Daufen Park, approximately where the parking lot is located now.
  15. The parking lot in Daufen Park is where the Opera House once stood.
  16. There are three public cemeteries in the township of Dale.
  17. The Wiouwash Trail is the old railroad grade for the Chicago - Northwestern Railroad.
  18. The White & Red Stores were in the Town of Medina.
  19. "Still Wally's Still" restaurant is in the old Hotel Weiher building.
  20. The Western Elevator building now is the home of "Earth Sense Energy Systems".