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When will tax bills be available and where can I pay my property taxes?

Property Tax bills will be mailed by mid-December. The 1st Tax Installment is due by January 31st and can be paid at Wolf River Bank (Hortonville), or can be mailed to the Town of Dale Treasurer, PO Box 83, Dale WI 54931.


After January 31st, all property tax payments must be made to the Outagamie County Treasurer. You can also pay online at www.co.outagamie.wi.us. A fee is charged for online payments.

Why isn't my mailing address Dale, WI?

Residents in the Town of Dale can have one of four mailing addresses.  If you have a Post Office Box at the Dale Post Office, your mailing address will be Dale, WI  54931.  The other three mailing addresses within the town are Fremont, WI 54940, Larsen, WI  54947 or Hortonville, WI  54944.  These addresses are assigned according to the post office that services your rural delivery route.  Regardless of which mailing address you have, you are still a resident of the Town of Dale if your fire address marker says 'Town of Dale' under your house number.

All Town of Dale residents vote at the Dale Municipal Building, W9641 State Road 96, Dale WI.



How do I get another garbage toter? How do I get my toter repaired? 

The town has a contract with Graichen Sanitation to provide and maintain one garbage toter per residential address in the Town of Dale. If your toter is in need of repair or you would like a second one, contact Graichen Sanitation at 982-4116. Graichen does charge an additional fee for the second toter. They will invoice you for the second toter each year.




 What is the Town of Dale mill rate for 2019 taxes?

Outagamie County Treasurer                       012 - Town of Dale Mill Rate Summary

Municipality               School District                   Special District                Net Mill Rate          

012 Town of Dale 2583 Hortonville                                             0.013289109
012 Town of Dale 2583 Hortonville     8020 Black Otter Lake 0.013470254
012 Town of Dale 3955 New London    0.013138261
012 Town of Dale 3955 New London 7030 Dale Sanitary Dist. #1 0.015921369