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Planning Commission meetings are held on the first Monday of each month, starting at 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Building W9641 State Road 96, Dale, WI 54931, provided there are agenda items.

The Planning Commission reviews and makes recommendations for all land divisions such as Certified Survey Maps (CSM) and Plats. If you have questions on dividing your land the Planning Commission recommends that you call to be added to an agenda and present your ideas before beginning work with a surveyor.

Final reviews for CSM and Plats require maps, applicable fees and paperwork be submitted 10 days prior to the meeting. Please contact the Town Clerk at 920-779-4609 if you would like to be added to the agenda.




OCTOBER 7, 2019



Chairperson Wunderlich called the meeting to order at 7:00p.m., with Darnel Laabs, Chad Degal, Marilyn Dragosh, Sandy Gadamus, Tom Muza, LeRoy Lauer, Jenny DeZeeuw and residents with items on the agenda present.


Marilyn Dragosh made a motion, seconded by LeRoy Lauer to approve minutes from the September 3, 2019 meeting, motion carried.


Resident Chris Sorenson was present with questions about relocating a house.  Mr. Sorenson was advised of the need for 1 ¼ acre and 100 feet of frontage minimums.  Both of those minimums are met on the parcel off of Cedar Road that Mr. Sorenson intends to move the house onto. 


Chairperson Wunderlich made a motion to approve a special exception for Herb Schabo, seconded by LeRoy Lauer, motion carried.  Mr. Schabo applied for the special exception to build a 40’ by 40’ building on his property located at N1177 Shaky Lake Road.  Repair of farm equipment and vehicles is the main purpose for the proposed building. 


Kara Homan and Isaac Uitenbroeck from Outagamie County Planning and Zoning Department reviewed the Town of Dale Future Land Use and Outagamie County Comprehensive Plan.  The main purpose for the review and discussion was to improve coordination between the town and county.  Future land use was mapped and will be approved at a future meeting. 


The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 4, 2019 provided there are items on the agenda. 


Chairperson Wunderlich made a motion to adjourn seconded by Chad Degal, motion carried.


These minutes are subject to final approval.


Jenny DeZeeuw