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Unless otherwise posted, Town Board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month starting at 7:00 p.m in the Municipal Building. W9641 State Road 96, Dale, WI 54931. Public input is held at the beginning of each meeting with a time limit of 5 minutes per subject.  Public input is held again towards the end of each meeting.

The Town of Dale Annual Meeting is held each year on the third Tuesday of April starting at 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Building. Other special meetings are held as needed and with the proper posting.

Meeting agendas are posted at the MUNICIPAL BUILDING, THE POST OFFICE, AND THE DALE MINI MART at least 48 hours before the Board Meeting. To be added to the agenda please contact the Town Clerk at 920-779-4609.

Minutes from the most recent board meeting are shown below. To see older minutes go to the Meeting Archive section of the website.





OCTOBER 8, 2018




Chairperson Wunderlich called the meeting to order at 7:00p.m., with Supervisor Laabs, Supervisor Degal, Treasurer Sandy Noffke, Clerk Jenny DeZeeuw, Constable Sandy Gadamus, Fire Chief and Building Inspector Jim Emmons, Attorney Erik Forsgren and residents present. 


During public input New London School Board Member Chris Martinsen passed out literature and discussed the New London School District referendum that will be on the November 6, 2018, General Election ballot. 


Chairperson Wunderlich made a motion to approve a special exception for Travis Hansen, seconded by Supervisor Laabs, motion carried.  Mr. Hansen proposed using existing pole buildings on W8582 State Road 96 for cold storage.  Construction equipment and material are examples of what would be stored.  He also wants to remove a 30 x 70 foot building and replace it with a 4000 square foot building.  A public hearing was held prior to the Board Meeting. 


Supervisor Laabs made a motion to approve a certified survey map for Kearn, Rousseau and Young, seconded by Supervisor Degal, motion carried.  The map was reviewed at the October 1, 2018 Planning Commission Meeting.  Land was added to lot three to make it a full acre.


Engineer Al Guerts made a recommendation to the Board to approve a pay request from MCC for the 2018 paving project in the amount of $185,088.66.  The final cost of the project is $189,834.52, but Engineer Guerts recommends holding back two and a half percent until a few remaining jobs are completed.  The original bid price was $189,825.71.  MCC went over the asphalt quantity considerably. A three inch base was in the bid plans and specs, but in some areas three and a half to four inches was used.  The reason for the overage was some driveways needed to be graded back, particularly by the church parking lot and there was also a cross slope in the road. After discussion, it was agreed the town would pay for some of the overage.  Chairman Wunderlich made a motion to agree to pay MCC $185,088.66 per Engineer Guerts recommendation, seconded by Supervisor Laabs, motion carried.


Chairperson Wunderlich was contacted by a New London School bus driver about trees overhanging and hitting the bus at the end of Rabbit Road and some roads in town.  At Attorney Forsgren’s recommendation, letters will be sent to property owners requesting they trim the trees.  If the landowner does not trim them, the town will hire a contractor to do it and the homeowner will be responsible for the cost.   Anyone that has trees in the right of way hanging over the road are asked to please trim them.


Chairperson Wunderlich made a motion, seconded by Supervisor Degal to approve Treasurer Sandy Noffke’s tax collection bond, motion carried.


Fire Chief Emmons reported ten calls in the month of September; six first responder, two CO2 smoke detector, one controlled burn and one accident.


A big Thank You to all that participated in the Dale Fire and Rescue Cancer Walk. 


Building Inspector Emmons reported one new home permit was issued in September.


Prior to the October 1, 2018 Planning Commission Meeting, Outagamie County Planning Department held a Vision Session.  They are redoing the Outagamie County Comprehensive Plan and were looking for input from the Town.    


A map and contract was mailed to Dean Steingraber at Outagamie County Highway Department.  The county will be doing the majority of salting and plowing. 


Supervisor Laabs made a motion to approve minutes of September meetings, seconded by Supervisor Degal, motion carried. 


Chairperson Wunderlich made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report, subject to audit, seconded by Supervisor Degal, motion carried. 


Supervisor Degal made a motion to pay bills #17489 – 17523, plus the MCC bill that was approved, seconded by Chairperson Wunderlich, motion carried. 


Chairperson Wunderlich made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Supervisor Laabs, motion carried. 


These minutes are unapproved and subject to final board approval. 


Jenny DeZeeuw